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  1. VIP effect changed to someone cool CityWars a brand new pvp event has added to the game with new rewards check the link below: https://wiki.wildswanco.com/en/guides/citywars Fixed the friend/enemy online/offline status @buydb & @selldb returned but with small changes now @selldb sell the db with 350k and then you buy with 500k Demonboxes now run at every month from 10th to 20th PVP Events now running at xx:30 of each hour with new rewards PVP Points then you can exchange it with custom rewards. Brand new system " PVP Points" With 4 Ranks Combatant, Challenger, Duelist and Gladiator link below: https://wiki.wildswanco.com/en/guides/pvppoints Brand new PVP Event " DeathMath " guide link below: https://wiki.wildswanco.com/en/guides/deathmatch Added the Weekly Pk War with 100 PVP Points and Random Super Gem rewards. Skills Championship halos updated. SurgeonMiracle have now an option to change Gender LuckyPack Arrows now contains 100k Arrow you can buy it only from Shopping Mall
  2. Fixed Silver, bronze and gold cup hp and mana. Added (+1)`s items to auto-loot. some minor fixes Return of the captcha system will return at this maintenance!
  3. DropEvent updated now works only for db and metoer drop. Human Captcha removed since we don't have plus items autoloot anymore. Autoloot now support Elite, Super, Dbs and Meteors only. Low level players protection will be disabled while any boss in-game and at events. Added Silver, Bronze and Gold Cups to Shopping mall to avoid that low defense and 1 hit problem. Hourly bosses now spawns every hour at xx:07 and xx:27 Some minor fixes
  4. Added a new way to make the character recover possible after delete the character. NOTE: you will only recover the last deleted character. Added @buydb to a db also so you can now use @selldb to sell and @buydb to buy. Added a new command @sellinv to sell non worth items with silvers, also @clearinv do the same thing. Advanced zone that including Basilisks now drop items like the normal cities. Change name fixed now, you can use it freely without return to me. You can now join the events one character per IP. Demon boxes event has over it will back again as monthly event didn't got the perfect time for it yet. Fixed trash drops when you are VIP minor fixes makes the server ready to add new ItemSkins and new garment in the next updates.
  5. Counter Clock Guild War Added to the server events schedule It starts Saturday at 15:00 and Ended 17:00 servertime with rewards 25,000,000 silvers, Super Tortoise, Dragon and Phoenix Gems Added Hide & Seek event starts every hour at xx:05. Prizes: 2KK silvers, Db, Moonbox, gem, ExpPotion or CleanWater. Hourly bosses hp decreased to %50 of the current hp. Fixed drop notification with non-vip players Fixed wrong durability message with arrows.
  6. VIP Auto repaire while spamming mets fixed. Now events is running every 15 Minutes and added 4 new events. Added Every day at 21:00 servertime Drop event that doubled the drop rates. Added every Sun, Satureday from 21:00 to 23:00 double drop rates event. Hourly bosses time fixed now it's appears every hour at xx:07 and inviting you at xx:05 Mine cave monsters EuxeniteOre and Emerald increased to be 80%. Client boot error when you open the game from Play.exe fixed. Autoclickers ban now works automatically to avoid any future auto clicks. Bosses now have no damage so newbies can participate also. Added Lucky-pack Arrows that contains 10k Arrow to Donation Points Shopping mall. Added brand new Garments with special effects to shopping mall. Now Lab monsters now drop like normal places Removed Health potions from drop to decrease the lag Added Captcha to avoid AFK auto click. Demon boxes returned to the server. Added vote option to Guide Npc when it possible to vote. Vote required to be at least level 40 or reborn and level 15. Add @scroll mk for vip players Add auto repair when met spamming in tc for vip players the minecave mobs drops EuxeniteOre and Emeralds to allow new players to progress more quickly when creating their first archer some minor fixes
  7. - Demon boxes event has ended! - Bosses Damage reduced to %40 of the exist damage - Add new command to sell dbs for 500K @selldb. Usage: @selldb 10 which means you will sell 10 dbs if you have them it will remove it from your inventory and give you your money as well. - Add @scroll mk for vip players - Add auto repair when met spamming in tc for vip players - the minecave mobs drops EuxeniteOre and Emeralds to allow new players to progress more quickly when creating their first archer - some minor fixes
  8. Fixed Archer Range on TG Socket rates increased a little bit you will like it Drop Rates back to normal Bosses now will be available each hour at xx:05 New players now will got 5 days of VIP Level 6
  9. - NOW Players with newbie protection can participate in events. - TwinCity now has been Non-PK map - Added Stakes to Twincity to use them instead of go to TG - Fixed some minor bugs
  10. Fixed These Items Icon problem when it shows as a plant. You will not able to sell items with CPs into the player personal shop(booth). Random kick out characters fixed (Was just when you login +5 characters) VoteManager and Artisan Lou removed and Their options added to Guide at the Center of Twincity. Removed EXP Potion GuruTodd Added EXP Potion to rewards of PVP Events and It's btw drops from Titan/Ganoderma Added New PVP event " Infection " Fixes on Character save none will lose Online points or vote points from now PVP events now support Archer liner skill
  11. Type 1: High Level Violation(s)/Offense(s) - These infringements/offenses grant a permanent account ban: I) Threatening and or spreading false or incorrect information about the server or staff. Any statement/action that can negatively influence the well-being of the server will be acted upon swiftly. II) Third-party unauthorized software. Usage of third-party software: a. Bot Programs: Any type of automated software that permits the player to undergo any activity without the player being active; b. Hacks: Any type of "hack" or "software" that permits the player to achieve mechanics that are not normally available; c. Other Software: Any type of third-party software that permits a robotlike/NPClike behavior and permits the player to achieve actions without their input/control. III) Modification/Alteration: Any type of modification within the game that can alter the character(s) and gain an advantage that it cannot be obtained by unaltered means. IV) Scripts. Usage of macros/scripts that skip checks and/or grant an unfair advantage that cannot be achieved under normal circumstances. V) Discussion of cheats or exploits. Discussing or sharing cheats, hacks or exploits that can alter/modify the in-game mechanics and/or of the server. VI) Real life currency usage. Usage of real life currency for trading/buying/selling of any form is forbidden. Conquer Points are also part of this restriction. Trading anything outside of the server in any shape or form for in-game items or perks, is considered Real Life trading. VII) Impersonation. Attempting to impersonate ANY of the staff members or emulating/simulating of ANY staff members will not be tolerated under circumstance (this includes jokes, satires, personal gain, situation generation etc). VIII) Advertising. The following adverts are considered illegal: a. Discussion/Sharing/Linking of other private servers; b. External sources that leads towards any type of viruses, scam sites, cheat websites, phishing sites and so on. IX) Money fraud, charge-backs and/or abusing the donation/voting system. X) Account trading. Attempting to buy/sell/trade accounts for any type of currency. XI) Selling/Buying levels for real life currency. Type 2: Medium/Minor Violation(s)/Offense(s) - These infringement(s)/offense(s) grant a minimum X days account ban(s) that increases based of previous violation(s)/offense(s) (duration can increase rapidly): I) Exploiting: a. Any game mechanic or game feature that is not normally intended within the game mechanics. This grants a minimum 7 (seven) day account ban. b. Any item, spell, encounter, collision exploit. These need to be reported into the issuetracker. Failing to meet this grants a minimum 14 (fourteen) day account ban and any item(s) will be removed. Note! Exploiting in an extended manner can grant permanent account ban(s). II) Misusing the Event System: a. Away From Keyboard: The action of player(s) being AFK in an event. This leads to a 1 (Day) day account ban(s). b. Double Queuing: The action of player(s) queuing with more than one character at the same time. III) Gather Botting: Usage of mining or other type of "gathering" resource bots leads to at least 30 (thirty) day minimum account ban. Note! If a player uses bots in an excessive manner, all goods associated with the bot can lead to multiple account locks. IV) Game Master/Server/Ticket Insulting/Bashing/Spamming is not accepted under any shape or form. It is NOT recommended to bash, insult or spam a Game Master or any staff member, therefore: a. Game Master/Server bashing grants a minimum 3 (three) day account ban. Duration can increase rapidly; b. Ticket bashing grants a minimum 1 (one) day account ban. Duration can increase rapidly; c. Ticket spamming grants a minimum 1 (one) day account ban. Duration can increase rapidly; VI) Events. The action of trading wins in events grants a minimum 1 (One) day account ban and all rewards (item(s), experience(s) etc.) will be removed. VII) AFK-ing/Idling in Events. Regardless of reason, if a player cannot attend an event and purposely AFKs or idles, it will grant a minimum 1 (One) day account ban. VIII) Harassing via multiple characters. Continuously logging or creating new characters in order to harass another player that previously blocked communication (ignored) will grant a minimum 3 (three) day account ban. This includes harassing via mail or public channels. IX) Mute Avoidance. If a player avoids a mute by creating or logging existing characters will grant a minimum 1 (one) day account ban. Type 3: Mutes/Bans - These Violation(s)/Offense(s) grant a X amount of mutes in minutes. The amount of minutes granted for each repeated mute doubles: Note! Channels that are considered official, monitored are as it follows: World. I) Official channels have the following intended purpose(s) and failing to meet these will grant one or more mutes: a. World. The usage of the World channel includes the purpose of trade; b. World. The usage of the World channel includes the purpose of recruitment. This includes Guild/PvP recruitment. c. World. This is a channel that is generally used for general talking/purposes. However if the channel is misused or the topic(s) are becoming out of control and influence the channel severely in a negative fashion, rules will also be applied here immediately. II) The following are considered violation(s)/offense(s) in official channels and will grant one or more mutes: a. Non-English. Usage of a different language than English in public channels; b. Insulting or vulgar/sexual themes. Purposely insulting player(s) or usage of vulgar/sexual themes in a repeated fashion. c. Capsing. Usage of sentences in capital letters; d. Spamming. Spamming in a repeated fashion; e. Macros. Using more than three lines of macro that would otherwise cover the whole normal sized chat window(s); f. Spam Macros. Usage of macros that creates certain images (regardless of context); g. Any type of spam jokes. This includes any type of joke that would incite spam (this includes anal jokes and so on); h. Posting NSFW links/websites. This includes controversial content such as pornographic or graphical websites and so on. i. Political, Religious, Racism, Discrimination, Flaming, Harassment, Promoting self harm or other taboo subjects. Discussing about politics and religion or other controversial subjects is okay as long as there is no conflict or bashing generated as a result of these topics. III) Do not share personal or private information about yourself or others that could be used against you and or others, Your information is your own to protect, We advise everyone to keep their IRL affairs private. IIII) Baiting others into breaking the rules will result in both parties being punished equally.
  12. Game commands to stop looting junk items: @viprefined @vipunique @vipelite @vipsuper @vipmisc Top spots for hunting: Robins (TC) Birdmen (BI) Hawking (BI) Macaques (AC) MinMacaques (AC) Lab1-4 (Lab diamond rewards have a RARE chance of giving 1 soc items) Top spots for plvl/farming water tao: Lab1 Basilisk/AlienSerpent Strongest arrow in the game: LuckyPack which can be bought at the Market Pharmacist. Better drop rates: Pickup lucky time (1 hour) from ArtisanLuo in TwinCity. You will need online points to claim lucky time. How to get a bow that auto-casts stigma? This item will be given when you reborn any class which is level 120 to archer. NOTE: Level 110 water reborn to archer will not give any items. Must be level 120 water. This item works, and will give you a great damage increase. Definitely worth it! If anyone has questions feel free to msg me in-game or discord. My in-game name: Savage Discord name: Papi Chulo#4114
  13. How to get meteors fast/easy? Do the bluemouse quest in phoenix castle to make meteors relatively quick. Video Guide: https://youtu.be/_ZHwl1TOReI Map & information: Suggestions: Recommend bringing ~9 Kylin AND Fury gems so that you can obtain both the Silver and Gold needle. TIP: Kylin and Fury gems can be obtained quickly by having miners in TC mine. TIP: Use a water tao with DivineHare to move around the map and complete the quest quickly. You can usually make ~100 meteors in 10-15 minutes. If anyone has questions feel free to msg me in-game or discord. My in-game name: Savage Discord name: Papi Chulo#4114
  14. Duration: Every day. Requirement: Any Level. Objective: Collect 5 Hops from Macaque, MacaqueL47, GiantApe, GiantApeL53, ThunderApe or ThunderApeL58. Rewards: ProficiencyToken, DBScroll, DragonBall, CleanWater and MeteorScroll NPC: Breeder at Ape Mountain ( 552,599) Quest tip: you don't have a chance to hold more than 5 Hops, deliver them as soon as you collect.
  15. Duration: Every day Requirement: Any Level Objective: Kill 15,000 Monsters around Birdman, Hawkings, or BanditL97s. You can mix them up if you want to! Rewards: ProficiencyToken, DBScroll, DragonBall, CleanWater and MeteorScroll NPC: Cathy at Bird Island (737.519) Quest tip: in chat windows type @quests (to check the current quest killing progress)
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