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Wildswan Conquer

July 22, 2021

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  • VIP Auto repaire while spamming mets fixed.
  • Now events is running every 15 Minutes and added 4 new events.
  • Added Every day at 21:00 servertime Drop event that doubled the drop rates.
  • Added every Sun, Satureday from 21:00 to 23:00 double drop rates event.
  • Hourly bosses time fixed now it's appears every hour at xx:07 and inviting you at xx:05
  • Mine cave monsters EuxeniteOre and Emerald increased to be 80%.
  • Client boot error when you open the game from Play.exe fixed.
  • Autoclickers ban now works automatically to avoid any future auto clicks.
  • Bosses now have no damage so newbies can participate also.
  • Added Lucky-pack Arrows that contains 10k Arrow to Donation Points Shopping mall.
  • Added brand new Garments with special effects to shopping mall.
  • Now Lab monsters now drop like normal places
  • Removed Health potions from drop to decrease the lag
  • Added Captcha to avoid AFK auto click.
  • Demon boxes returned to the server.
  • Added vote option to Guide Npc when it possible to vote.
  • Vote required to be at least level 40 or reborn and level 15.
  • Add @scroll mk for vip players
  • Add auto repair when met spamming in tc for vip players 
  • the minecave mobs drops EuxeniteOre and Emeralds to allow new players to progress more quickly when creating their first archer
  • some minor fixes
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