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Wildswan Conquer

Archer hunting guide & tips

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Game commands to stop looting junk items:
  • @viprefined
  • @vipunique
  • @vipelite
  • @vipsuper
  • @vipmisc
Top spots for hunting:
  • Robins (TC)
  • Birdmen (BI)
  • Hawking (BI)
  • Macaques (AC)
  • MinMacaques (AC)
  • Lab1-4 (Lab diamond rewards have a RARE chance of giving 1 soc items)
Top spots for plvl/farming water tao:
  • Lab1
  • Basilisk/AlienSerpent
Strongest arrow in the game:
  • LuckyPack which can be bought at the Market Pharmacist.
Better drop rates:
  • Pickup lucky time (1 hour) from ArtisanLuo in TwinCity. You will need online points to claim lucky time.
How to get a bow that auto-casts stigma?
  • This item will be given when you reborn any class which is level 120 to archer.  NOTE: Level 110 water reborn to archer will not give any items. Must be level 120 water.
  • This item works, and will give you a great damage increase. Definitely worth it!
If anyone has questions feel free to msg me in-game or discord.
My in-game name: Savage
Discord name: Papi Chulo#4114
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